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NOVEMBER 25, 2008

Webber talks about his accident

Mark Webber has been talking to the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia about the cycling accident in Tasmania which left him with a broken right leg. The Red Bull driver is in Hobart Private Hospital and says he will be back in action as soon as he can be.

"My time in the car hasn™t really been disrupted," he said. "The past few days have been a bit of a disruption being laid up in hospital but I guess I haven™t had any time off since the end of the F1 season so a week™s enforced holiday isn™t going to do too much harm! It's a straightforward and clean-enough break so I™m not expecting any complications or setbacks."

Webber says that he will spoend a few weeks in Australia before returning to Europe as the doctors have suggested that he does not take any long-haul flights for a few weeks.

Webber had a rod and two screws inserted in his leg after the accident.

He says that he tried to avoid the car but was also trying not to go off the road into a ditch at the same time.

"I did a pretty good job preventing my upper limbs and head from taking an impact," he said. "There was not much I could do about getting my legs out of the way because my feet were clipped into the cleats. The pain was pretty bad and I knew straight away that my lower leg was broken."

Webber was due to have a quiet winter with two days of testing planned in December and then nothing until the new car is ready in mid-February.

"There™s something like 83 days before the first test in 2009," he said. "I'll be back in plenty of time for the Australian Grand Prix at the end of March."