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NOVEMBER 5, 2008

FIA moves to improve credibility of F1 stewards

The FIA has decided to try to get people to understand more about what happens with F1 stewarding. The current panel of stewards consists of two international stewards and one national steward, all of whom must be eligible for the FIA™s super licence. For 2009 there will be some changes, notably new stewards will have to observe at a minimum of one Grand Prix before being allowed to officiate. There will be a number of trainee stewards attending five GPs. A short CV of the stewards will be published before each event and after the races there will be written explanations of decisions. This will supplement the formal steward™s decision which largely defines the breach of the rules. If there is appropriate, additional film evidence that the public may not have seen but which was reviewed by the stewards, this will be made available on both the FIA and FOM websites. Stewards will also make decisions during races unless it is essential to seek further evidence.

The FIA made the point that former drivers can become stewards if they have the necessary licences and have experience at national, regional and international level.