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OCTOBER 7, 2008

Mosley's Mr Fixit to look into Germany

Alan Donnelly is FIA President Max Mosley's representative in many respects these days. In recent years he has attended all the Grands Prix doing the necessary for Mosley and this year he has added the additional role of being advisor to the FIA Stewards. This has been rather a controversial position since the Belgian Grand Prix decision. Now it seems Donnelly will be given the job of deciding whether the German national sporting authority, the DMSB is "truly independent of the ADAC and capable of running the sporting power in the country".

The DMSB has existed in its current form since 1999 when the automobile racing Oberste Nationale Sportbehorde organisation merged with the motorcyle Opladener Motorrad Club (OMC) in order to represent the interests of car and bike racers in Germany. The member clubs of the DMSB include ADAC, its rival AVD and the motorcycle organisation DMV.

It is probably inevitable that people will view the investigation into the DMSB as a reaction to the opposition to Mosley from ADAC in recent years, notably over the sex scandal in which the FIA President found himself this year. ADAC was outspoken in its criticism of Mosley.