Royals use Mosley Case for privacy claim

Mr Justice Eady's ruling in the Max Mosley sex case has established a new privacy law in the UK, based on precedent and it seems that this could, as feared by the media, be used to stop reporting of people's private lives. Eady's decision in the Mosley case was based on the European Convention on Human Rights, which sets out an individual's right to privacy, which can only be overlooked if there is an overwhelming public interest. The Mosley case showed that even someone involved in unusual sexual activies can be protected, so long as the activity is legal.

The Duke of Edinburgh is using the argument following a report in the Evening Standard newspaper that he has "prostate cancer" as a test case against the British media via the Press Complaints Commission. If it is upheld the access to information about the private lives of the royals will be reduced considerably.

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