The deadline for 2009 entries is passed

The FIA deadline for entries in Formula 1 in 2009 has now passed and although the list of teams has yet to be announced, there is no indication that any application has been made by an 11th team. There had been talk of a Honda team from the United States and suggestions that the recent sale of assets from Super Aguri to Formtech, a German mechanical engineering firm might lead to an attempt to revive an 11th team but it seems that Formtech's aim is to use the composite facilities to expand its operations in Britain, at the heart of Motorsport Valley.

"Formtech is pleased to be able to take advantage of this unique business opportunity," said company boss Franz Hilmer. "With our plans of company growth and manufacturing expansion, the location at the Leafield Technical Centre enables us to establish a presence in an important geographical area for motorsport engineering. We shall be employing a number of ex-Super Aguri staff who are experienced in the field of composite design and manufacturing and make full use of the sites spacious facilities and up-to-date machinery. A further goal< of Formtech is to attract suitable individuals and companies with aspirations of running their own motorsport team to purchase the F1 race equipment from Formtech."

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