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JULY 31, 2008

Silverstone gets planning - minus houses

The British Racing Drivers Club has been granted planning permission to go ahead with its rebuilding at the northern end of the circuit. The only problem is that in order to get the agreement the circuit has had to drop the plans to build housing in Silverstone village. This means that the financing for the scheme is going to be more difficult. However one must assume that the circuit is confident that it can finance the work. This will be a great deal easier now that there is no longer a Grand Prix to pay for, but then again it is not entirely clear why Silverstone would want to invest in upgrading work if there is not a desire for the F1 race to take place. With most people thinking that Donington will not be ready for the Grand Prix in 2010 - if ever - there will come a time when Silverstone may have to pay for F1 again but presumably the track is working on the principle that this will be a bridge that can be crossed when it is reached. If Donington Park does fail to meet its commitments to F1, Silverstone could step in, but then Donington would have to pay so this is not the issue.

All things considered the announcement is good news for the circuit and for British motorsport in general as it will help to cement Silverstone's place as the centre of British motorsport.

Now it is up to Donington Park to show that it is serious by gettings its planning permission through.