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JULY 31, 2008

Michael in road accident in England

Michael Schumacher was involved in a road accident in England on Sunday, after attending the Silverstone Classic event. He was on his way to Lydd Airport in Kent at the wheel of a Fiat van (odd, but true) when he rounded a corner in Lydd-on-Sea and collided with a garage door, while overtaking another car. The door was in the process of being closed by Martin Kingham. He was knocked over in the impact and landed on the bonnet of a car parked nearby. According to Kingham, Schumacher then abused him for being in the road.

"He seemed cross, as if I was in the wrong," he said. "I called the police."

The police gave the German a breathalyser test to see if he had been drinking. The two men then exchanged insurance details and Schumacher went on his way.

Schumacher's spokesman confirmed the incident.