News of the World loses star witness

The leading witness for The News of the World in the case against Max Mosley has withdrawn from giving evidence because her "emotional and mental state was such that it would not be fair or reasonable to call her to give evidence". This means that her husband, believed to be a former MI5 agent, will also not be called. The News of the World said that this did not mean it was abandoning its claim that the sex party which Mosley funded was Nazi-themed. The witness is understood to be the person who filmed the events. Woman E - as she is known in this case - allegedly claimed she was told by another dominatrix that the party in a Chelsea basement flat in March was to have a Nazi theme. Mosley says there was no Nazi theme.

The newspaper denies any wrongdoing and claims it was reasonable to publish in the public interest. The newspaper said that it id not fabricate the Nazi aspect of the story.

The trial - which is an embarrassing one for the sport - has been adjourned until Monday. The case will be decided by the judge alone.

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