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JULY 4, 2008

Head strong on Todt

Patrick Head is not a man who minces words and this week he has told The Independent exactly what he thinks of the idea of former Ferrari boss Jean Todt becoming the next FIA President. Head's views may be trenchant but it is fair to say that the view is shared with quite a number of others in the F1 community.

"Our view is that Max [Mosley], sometimes with our resistance, has done a number of things in recent years which have been good for this company," Head said. "It is not in our interest to undermine Max, especially in the light of threats of him being replaced by Jean Todt.

"We have been to many meetings at which (Todt) has been present representing the interests of Ferrari 100 percent. He is confrontational, argumentative, and not impartial, everything that the President of the FIA should not be."

The question of Mosley's successor remains hanging, but what is clear is that the best option would be to find someone who is accepted by all without the need for a divisive election.