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JULY 1, 2008

Gurdjian concentrates on Abu Dhabi

Philippe Gurdjian, the man in charge of the Circuit Paul Ricard for the last nine years, is standing down from his role in order to concentrate on getting the Abu Dhabi F1 circuit finished in time for the Grand Prix at the end of next year.

In his time in charge at Paul Ricard Gurdjian has turned the former GP track into the pre-eminant test track in F1 with a boooming private aviation business and a top class hotel and restaurant.

Gurdjian has also been involved in consulting work with other races to help them come up to the standards demanded by F1.

The ask ahead for Abu Dhabi is massive and already there have been delays in the construction work which mean that the opening date have been pushed back. Gurdjian's job will be to make sure everything is done on time.