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JUNE 13, 2008

Budget-capping advice for the FIA

Kelvin O'Reilly, the former boss of the Touring Car Entrants Group of Australia (TEGA) is in England this week to advise FIA consultant Tony Purnell about budget-capping.

O'Reilly was involved in the V8 Supercar Championship's attempt to limit budgets in Australia in 2007. This was known as the Total Racing Expenditure Cap (TREC) and was introduced at the start last year. It was scrapped at the end of the season.

The concept was designed by a commission which included a number of people from outside motorsport including former opposition leader John Hewson and Ross Oakley, the former boss of the Australian Football League, who had previously engineered a salary cap in AFL.

Purnall and O'Reilly have spent the week in discussion with several of the F1 teams.