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JUNE 12, 2008

Monaco on the Moskva

For years Formula One has dreamed of hosting a race in Moscow, but a deal has never been done and event organiser Rotterdam Racing is going to beat the F1 circus to Russia in July with a display around the Kremlin on Sunday July 13. This will be the first foreign edition of Rotterdam Racing's concept, which has proven to be very successful in the Dutch city in recent years.

Various cities around the world have shown an interest in the idea which began in 2005 as "Monaco on the Maas". This and subsequent events have drawn huge crowds and Moscow hopes to emulate that success. The focal point of the event will be Red Square. Drivers will start there and drive past the Kremlin, along the Moscow River toward the Bolshoi Theatre Square, treating the crowd to doughnuts, screeching tyres and roaring engines. It is expected that several F1 teams will take part in the event, which will fall on the weekend between the British and German Grands Prix.