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MAY 29, 2008

Silverstone gets green light for new pits

Silverstone has landed planning permission from Aylesbury Vale Council to build its new pitlane and paddock facility, on the inside of the circuit between Club and Abbey Corners. This will require the two corners to be reconfigured and construction will be needed for the pits and race control buildings and a new paddock area.

Silverstone hopes this will be the start of the track redevelopment and that there will be further planning permission in the years ahead to allow the circuit to build a long list of new facilities, including a business park, a sport and leisure complex, a manufacturer test centre, a university campus and some housing. The work will begin in the autumn with the aim being to have the facilities finished in 2009. The track has yet to negotiate a new contract with the Formula One group and although some sources say that the negiations have been stopped for some time, Silverstone insists that this is not the case.