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MAY 29, 2008

Mosley on the offensive

Max Mosley has written to the 24 clubs that asked him to step down, responding to their leaked letter. We have acquired a copy of the new letter, which has been sent to all the member clubs "in the interests of transparency".

Mosley says that he did not accept the suggestion that he should step down because "it was the worst possible solution" and would have meant that he would resign but would still spend the summer "carrying out all the day-to-day work with neither the time nor the authority to complete the major outstanding tasks. Better to stop immediately than accept this muddled compromise."

Mosley says that the idea of there being a crisis in the FIA is "nonsense". He says that although he is "personally embarrassed and greatly regret that this affair has become public, no one fails to call for roadside assistance because of it."

He then goes on to the attack, saying that some of the signatory clubs have contradicted their claimed commitment to the FIA and accused them of "trying to change the structure of the FIA since well before the events they now seek to exploit". He adds that they "have formed groups separate from the FIA from which the wider FIA membership is excluded. Worse, they have obstructed our efforts to improve cooperation between all clubs. Combined with a complete lack of transparency, I believe these activities are contrary to the interests of the FIA".

He says that Bernie Ecclestone has made "a sudden and major change in position" by saying in his letter that he is willing to live with the existing contract.

Mosley adds that the clubs will be free to express their views to the General Assembly on Tuesday.