Another piece in the FIA jigsaw puzzle

Franco Lucchesi, the FIA Deputy President, Automobile, Mobility & Tourism, has sent a letter to all members of the World Council for Automobile Mobility & Tourism (WCAM&T), explaining the situation alluded to by the recent letter from Japanese Automobile Federation President Setsuo Tanaka. The letter confirm much of what Tanaka said in his letter. It explained that a decision was made by the members of the WCAM&T after "an informal meeting" after the meeting on the Council in Antwerp on April 23. Lucchesi says that after "a responsible and smooth exchange of views, the members attending the meeting entrusted the Region I president Werner Kraus and me to inform Max of the ideas shares by almost all attendees and to seek with him a compromise between these ideas and Max's intention not to step down".

Lucchesi went on to give details of the compromise which would involve "a renewed and unanimous confidence declaration towards President Mosley, together with a written communication from the president announcing his intention to resign". This would take effect in November 2008, prior to which he would leave "almost all public representation of the FIA" to the two Deputy Presidents.

"This compromise would have prevented us from being divided on a confidence vote", Lucchesi added, pointing out that this was something that the WCAM&T members considered to be negative.

Lucchesi said that he met Mosley in early May and that he "reiterated his intention of requesting a confidence vote".

Lucchesi concluded by saying that "we could do nothing but take note of his determination".

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