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MAY 28, 2008

Mosley goes to court again

Max Mosley's French lawyer Philippe Ouakrat, who also happens to be the brother-in-law of GP2 organiser Bruno Michel, is to go to court today in Paris. Ouakrat is expected to argue that because the FIA is based in France, the court can rule on whether the News of the World has broken any of France's stringent privacy laws. A previous attempt resulted in the video featuring Mosley being banned in France. Mosley is obviously looking for a judgement to help to add to his case before he goes before the FIA General Assembly next week.

There are various arguments that must be considered. Mosley has said throughout the scandal that this is a private matter and unrelated to the work he does for the FIA and thus the judge might be tempted to argue that this is a private matter and thus not something that can be judged because the FIA headquarters happens to be in Paris. He might also argue that the case has already been heard in England. However, if the judge accepts that the court is able to make a judgement, Mosley may obtain a ruling against the News of the World and as this will be covered by the Code Penal rather than the Code Civil, it will - nominally at least - be a criminal offence, as opposed to a civil one.

Elsewhere in the F1 world there are reports that Gerhard Berger has emerged as a candidate to replace Mosley. This is not to be taken seriously as Berger has no serious involvement in FIA politics and, given that Jean Todt cannot find the support he needs from the clubs to be considered a serious candidate for the presidency, is unlikely to even be considered by the FIA clubs.

There are whispers that the next few days could see statements from the major FIA clubs and from the F1 manufacturers and sponsors.

Whether these stories become realities remains to be seen.

The F1 world is also waiting to see whether the News of the World will publish any further revelations about Mosley on Sunday.