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MAY 2, 2008

Super Aguri confirms Weigl talks

The Super Aguri F1 team says it is in "final discussions" concerning an agreement for a substantial shareholding to be transferred to the German company.

"We are happy that we have been able to resurrect talks between Super Aguri and Franz Weigl at such short notice and to have the opportunity of presenting the Weigl Group to the Honda Board once again," said Aguri Suzuki. "Such a partnership as the one proposed by Weigl Group will allow us to race for the foreseeable future and I am hopeful that all parties will find the Groupā€˜s offer a realistic package."

The deal seems to be one that is designed to save the team while it looks for new backing. Weigl is not believed to have the money needed to run the team itself in the long term.

The challenge now will be to get the team's cars to Istanbul for the race next weekend. This is possible by road but there are dangers involved in taking f1 trucks through the Balkans. Most teams use ferries to avoid this, but there does not appear to be sufficient time for the team to do that. It might be possible to use the quicker route from Brindisi to Greece, although parts of southern Italy are also considered to be hazardous for F1 trucks because of the risks of hijacking.