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MAY 1, 2008

Super Aguri missing the boat?

Most of the Formula 1 trucks going to Istanbul did not come home after the Spanish Grand Prix but instead headed to Trieste in order to take a ferry ride through the Adriatic in order to be in Istanbul in time to begin setting up the Grand Prix over the weekend. The sea route is considered the most sensible way to get to Turkey because of the number of truck hijacking that occur in the Balkans and in southern Italy.

The speculation about Super Aguri F1 remains ongoing but the reality is that the team's racing cars are currently at the Honda factory in Brackley and there is no sign of them departing for Turkey. If the cars do not depart today or tomorrow trhere is no way that they can be in Turkey in time for the race, unless they run the gauntlet through the Balkans, which is not very likely.

The signs therefore are that Super Aguri will not be going to Turkey and if that happens the future of the team is in very serious doubt, although the current confusions over the Concorde Agreement make it less than clear as to what will happen with the team's rights and privileges.