The F1 burger?

The Formula One company is beginning to exploit the potential of licensed products which are not immediately related to the sport. In the past the company has produced F1-branded clothing and accessories, such as watches, but these have not been a huge success. There have also been a number of official supplier deals which have attracted the likes of DHL and Mumm champagne. There is, however, much potential for growth and recently F1-branded toiletries have started to appear in shops in Britain.

There is still a long way to go before F1 gets to the same level of licensing as exists in NASCAR, where there are official suppliers and licence-owners for a wide range of products, including banking, insurance, food and drink. Last week it was announced that the fast food company Checkers has terminated its contract to be the official burger of NASCAR.

NASCAR is no doubt hoping that a big player such as McDonald's may step in instead.

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