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APRIL 22, 2008

Super Aguri looking good for Spain

The Super Aguri F1 team has sent its cars to Spain and the race team is flying out later today. There is expected to be a decision about the team's involvement in the event by the morning, but all the signs are that the cars will race, if only to give the negotiations the chance to continue. The signs are that the talks between Magma International and the Dubai Investment Corporation are still going on quietly. Honda Racing F1's Nick Fry is currently out in Dubai, but from what we hear he is not talking about deals for Super Aguri, but rather taking part in the Global Travel & Tourism Summit.

There is no point in anyone deciding to shut down the team as the cost of going to the Spanish Grand Prix is minimal, in the overall scheme of things. The real problem will come when the current parts begin to run out of life and need to be replaced.