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APRIL 15, 2008

South Africans come out against Mosley

Motorsport SA, the national sporting authority of South Africa, has come out against FIA President Max Mosley.

"While the private lives of individuals are of no concern to MSA, we cannot condone the behaviour of the FIA President, as this has not only brought the FIA, but all FIA members (such as MSA) and motorsport, into disrepute - which could also result in sponsors deciding to distance themselves from motorsport," said MSA general manager Beaulah Schoeman. "We therefore agree (unanimously) that Mr Mosley should stand down as FIA President."

The Automobile Association of South Africa, the FIA-affiliated touring club in the country, is saying less, having agreed not to make comments at a meeting of the Sub-Saharan Africa Touring Automobile Clubs in Kampala, Uganda, a few days ago.

"Despite calls for his immediate resignation by the larger and more influential automobile clubs, Mr Mosley has indicated that he will not stand down, hence the calling of the extraordinary general assembly," said the AASA's Ed Kok. "The Automobile Association of South Africa will therefore reserve its say on the matter until the general assembly."

The AASA added that the vote would not cost the association any money as the FIA will reimburse modest airfare and accommodation costs to attend such a meeting.