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APRIL 11, 2008

Sitting on the fence

The Motor Sports Association (MSA), the governing body for motor sports in the United Kingdom, has been kept very quiet in recent days about the goings-on at the FIA, but clearly it is now getting pressure to say something. The result is a statement which says very little.

"The MSA, like the vast majority of the 222 voting members of the FIA, will refrain from making any judgement or comment on the issue prior to the Extraordinary General Assembly that has been called by the FIA for June 3," the MSA said in a statement. "The issues over the Presidency are matters that should, and will, be resolved by Member Clubs under the Statutes of the FIA. It would be inappropriate for the MSA to pre-empt this meeting, and the decisions made therein, by making any comments beforehand. That other organisations (particularly those that are non-FIA affiliated) and individuals have chosen to express their views publicly on the issue, is entirely up to them. If they are not members of the FIA, they do not have the benefit of the official forum in which to discuss and vote on the matter, as the MSA has. Nor do they have a responsibility, as members of the FIA, to follow the full and proper process.

"At all times, the MSA will continue to represent the best interests of British motor sport. The MSA has received a number of views in recent days and these will be carefully considered and properly represented at the Extraordinary General Assembly in June."