Praise and ridicule

Mohammed ben Sulayem, the President of the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE, who oversees all motorsports events in United Arab Emirates, has come out in favour of Max Mosley.

"I think it has been used for the wrong reasons," he said. "Surely he did not break the law. This is something that is allowed there. I am a full supporter. If someone wants to use this for the wrong reasons it is not acceptable. God gave us a very amazing gift not to forget. How fast can we forget what this man did for motorsport? Where it was and where it is now. He did not commit anything that weakens the FIA. We as members of the FIA elected him. I am not shy. I am not going to put my head in the ground."

The question of whether Mosley's behaviour has weakened the FIA is one that is clearly under debate at the moment and the fact that the agenda of the FIA General Assembly includes a vote of no confidence in the President underlines that some in the federation want him to be removed from office.

The latest indication of the impact of Mosley's adventures came yesterday with US comedian Jon Stewart mocking the FIA President on the hugely successful Daily Show.

Jay Leno, another talk show host, described Mosley as "the head of Formula 1 racing" used the story to complain about the strength of the Euro against the dollar, saying that American politicians can only afford one hooker, while in Europe one can get five for the same price.

Let us not forget that is the kind of market penetration that F1 would love to have in America.

Sadly, the coverage was not positive.

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