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APRIL 4, 2008

The AAA comes out against Mosley

The American Automobile Association has joined in the calls for Max Mosley to step down as FIA President.

"Recent events involving the leadership of the FIA have been very distressing and embarrassing," said Yolanda Clark Cade, the Managing Director of AAA Public Relations. "While this matter may be viewed as private by some, the damage to the image of FIA and its constituents is clearly public. For an organization - and its leader - to exercise the moral authority required to represent millions of motorists and sanction the activities of motorsport they must uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior. AAA recognizes that Mr. Mosley has dedicated many years of his life to advancing the interests of mobility and motorsport.

"However, after careful consideration, AAA has conveyed to Mr. Mosley that it would be in the best interest of all concerned if he were to step down."

The AAA is a federation of different regional clubs and is the largest constituent member of the FIA. It has more than 50m members.