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APRIL 4, 2008

More punishment for Mosley

FIA President Max Mosley has been under pressure for the last day or so following announcements from four of Formula 1's six manufacturers that they were none too happen about the allegations about his private life. ADAC, the biggest European automobile club, weighed in on Friday calling for Mosley to "very carefully reconsider" his position as president of the FIA. The Dutch motorsport federation, KNAF, followed up with president Arie Ruitenbeek telling the BBC that his club will vote against Mosley at the planned extraordinary general assembly.

"Because of his high-profile position, this can't be accepted," Ruitenbeek said. "We will go and will vote for him to resign."

Yitzhak Milstein, the president of MEMSI, the Israeli automobile club (MEMSI) said that the revelations were "shocking".

"It is especially surprising for us in view of the fact that our contacts with Mr. Mosley along the years have always been proper and correct, and never gave an indication of what the recent story may reflect," he said. "Once the whole thing is clarified - and there is a better idea on how true the story is - we will make our conclusions known. And they will certainly match the severity of the matter."

It remains to be seen whether there will be other clubs making their comments known.