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MARCH 14, 2008

Audetto's future at Super Aguri in doubt

The change of ownership at Super Aguri was always going to result in some serious reshuffling and the latest indications are that Daniele Audetto, who has been the managing director of Super Aguri since its inception, will not be part of the new structure. Audetto was at the press conference announcing the deal in Tokyo but was not to be seen in Melbourne where Martin Leach, the man who will take control when the deal is done, appeared, although he was not giving interviews.

A number of faces appeared in the paddock as guests of Super Aguri and it was notable that one was former Brabham team manager Dave Price, who has been running racing teams since the late 1970s and has also enjoyed much success with his own composite company called DPS. In recent years Price has sold control of his GP2 team and relinquished control of his composite business and he may be one of those involved in the planned new structure.