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MARCH 9, 2008

Bahrain moves against tobacco

Tobacco advertising on billboards relating to the Formula 1 Grand Prix have been banned in Bahrain. The move is reported to be part of an anti-smoking campaign by government health officials.

"This is a beginning and will go a long way in our ultimate goal of getting Bahrain to be a smoke-free nation," public health assistant under-secretary Dr Mariam Al Jalahma told the media, although she would not comment on whether the ban includes advertising at the race itself, although she added that the government was looking at the various options available in this respect.

Al Jalahma said the government was studying anti-smoking laws in other countries, as it goes through the process of drafting its own legislation. Anti-smoking legislation has existed since 1994 but it has not been implemented. If all goes to plan the legislation will be voted on by the Shura Council before the end of the year.