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FEBRUARY 29, 2008

NASCAR comes to Europe

The Paris Tuning Show this week witnessed the launch of a new European championship which is to be called the All Stars V8 Cup, with backing from the NRJ radio station. The aim of this new series is to bring the excitements of NASCAR to the European audiences and there are plans for 13 meetings at venues such as Rockingham, Brands Hatch, Lydden, Lausitzring and a number of other road racing venues. The events will include a number of star drivers who will include Olivier Panis, Patrick Tambay, Luc Alphnad and Hubert Auriol. The series, which is due to start in June 2008 is an initiative of an English group. If all goes to plan there will be 26 cars. Cars can be either bought or rented and are all fitted with a 5800 cc V8 motor with bodies from Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and Toyota.