The end of the year

The Formula 1 manufacturing teams will be continuing their work over the Christmas period but most of those involved in the racing will now take the opportunity to take some time off. This is no bad thing. It is the end of a season that has been tainted by much bitterness, which has spoiled the terrific on-track racing. What is done is done and there is no point in dwelling on what has occurred. Those involved are not going to change their views and thus there is no real point in dispute. The bitterness will not go away but hopefully those involved will be smart enough to understand that the sport is better off if they concentrate on the racing and do not let other agendas to get in the way of what is important.

Such things will serve only to drive people away from the sport.

Hopefully when F1 reconvenes in January all those involved will be looking ahead to the racing in 2008.

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