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DECEMBER 15, 2007

What? No transcript?

The FIA World Motor Sport Council decision against McLaren back in September resulted in a transcript of the affair being published six days after the ruling was made, to show the world the fairness and transparency of the process.

The World Council met on December 6 and ruled that Renault was innocent of the same charges of which McLaren was found guilty. Today is December 15 and the transcripts of this case have not yet appeared and we are beginning to wonder whether the Renault transcript will ever be published.

Obviously in the interests of fairness and transparency this should be the case. If one does one thing for McLaren, one should really do the same thing for another team that has undergone a similar process. A precedent has been set.

And it would be best if this were to happen quickly lest the transcripts get lost in the onslaught of turkey, mince pies and good will at this time of year.

Welcome though a little good will may be, it's only fair that this process is completed in the correct fashion.