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DECEMBER 14, 2007

Blowing our own trumpet

Formula 1 journalists do not get much recognition for their work so it is with much satisfaction that we can report that's chief editor Joe Saward and regular contributor David Tremayne have been recognised for their work by the Guild of Motoring Writers. The two F1 veterans - who have more 40 years in F1 between them - were the inaugural winners of the Newspress New Media Award, which recognises innovative technologies in media for their work with Grand Prix +, Formula 1's first e-magazine.

Tremayne and Saward started the online publication in 2007, going live after the Spanish Grand Prix. Grand Prix + comprises 60 pages of news, race analysis and features in full colour pdf format, and is available at 0900 hrs UK time the Monday after each Grand Prix. Their writing is complemented by the dramatic award-winning photography of partner Paul-Henri Cahier.

"We started Grand Prix + when we got wise and realised that by going electronic we did not have to raise dramatic levels of funding to start our own printed magazine, which was the initial plan," Tremayne said. " We felt it was about time the speed of publishing caught up with the speed of F1 in the modern era. Grand Prix + is the perfect in-depth complement to the day-by-day immediacy of the website.

"Our catchline is: ˜It™s all about the passion,™ and that summarises our approach to racing. Passion is the engine that drives everything. It™s good to show that a couple of vets with 40 years of F1 experience can still show the way with the use of modern technology, and we look forward to entertaining our readers again in 2008."

Grand Prix + is available only on an annual subscription of £25 via There is currently a special Christmas rate whereby new subscribers can buy an additional subscription for a friend at £15.

Saward went on to win a second Guild Award as "Renault UK Author of the Year" for his book The Grand Prix Saboteurs, the true story of Grand Prix drivers who became British secret agents in the French Resistance during World War II. He joins Tremayne on the list of winners of the prize. Tremayne has won the award three times for his books Racers Apart, Thrust and Donald Campbell.