How to bury a story

The best way to deal with stories that might prove to be embarrassing is to make sure that the fewest possible number of people get to read them. It is called news management. And the best way to do that is to make sure that the news breaks very late on a Friday, when the Saturday editions of the national newspapers are going to press and all but the most dedicated newsmen have gone home. That way by the time the Sunday papers are being prepared there have been other stories, particularly in the sporting world, and thus the impact of the story is lessened and it gets less space in the newspapers.

The outcome of the FIA International Court of Appeal is just such a story. The court has ruled that the appeal was inadmissable - as we suggested would happen a couple of days ago. The decision is not explainedand one has to apply to the FIA for the explanation.

This pretty much guarantees that the story will get very little coverage.

It has become a convenient non-story.

McLaren does not get the explanation about when rules are rules.

Ferrari wins the World Championship.

Bernie Ecclestone is not going to retire.

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