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NOVEMBER 1, 2007

Well, it had to happen

Max Mosley's habit of criticising the sport's heroes has led to the inevitable backlash with The Daily Mirror today headlining an anti-Mosley article "Mad Max" and talking of his "poisonous attack" on Sir Jackie Stewart. The Daily Express has also gone on the attack with "Mosley in mad rant at 'hero' Hamilton". The paper adds that "it is unlikely Mosley's words, whatever the motivation, will slow Hamilton down at all next season". The usually conservative Daily Telegraph remarked that the comments were "ill-advised at best" and The Independent referred to Mosley's "unprecedented series of attacks on public figures within his sport".

It is unlikely that Mosley or his advisors will pay much attention to the criticism as the FIA membership does not seem to include anyone who will say anything against the president.