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OCTOBER 21, 2007

Ron gets a trophy

If there is any doubt that the McLaren team feels that it has been harshly treated this year by the FIA., it should be forgotten. This was highlighted on Friday when team boss Ron Dennis was called to the McLaren garage by team manager Dave Ryan. Ryan said that it would be a good idea to give the team a pep talk and Dennis agreed and was about to launch into his speech when the tables were turned on him and he was presented with a cut glass vase which was engraved with the words "2007 Constructors' Champion, from the team".

Dennis was deeply touched by the gesture.

"I was very proud," said Ron. "It shows that in adveristy we have come together."

Dennis said the trophy will probably end up at home and not in the McLaren collection at the factory.

One hopes that the FIA will not now announce an investigation into trophy copying.

If all goes to plan Ferrari will receive the real Constructors' Championship trophy in Monaco in December, although there is little doubt that many in F1 circles think that the real trophy is of little real value as it is very clear that the team did not win the championship on the race tracks.