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OCTOBER 10, 2007

No FIA investigation into McLaren

There is not another investigation into McLaren - at least not yet. The latest reports come from members of the Spanish media who are trying to find explanations for why Fernando Alonso cannot match the speed of Lewis Hamilton and seem to have missed the rather obvious possibility that there might be someone is the world faster than Fernando. Racing drivers often have serious trouble accepting the concept that they can be matched and even beaten by another driver and this can lead to bad behaviour and indeed to paranoia. There is clearly something that went on in Hungary which caused a massive rift within the team but McLaren bosses have refused to give any details, except to say that Fernando apologised and withdrew his remarks which suggests that there needed to be apologies.

One rarely apologises for doing something good and the coldness between the team and Alonso hints that there is great deal more to this story than meets the eye.

To counter the latest speculation McLaren put out a statement saying that there is "competitive tension between Fernando and Lewis" as they fight for the World Championship but denying that there is any favouritism.

"The team wants to make it absolutely clear that its policy of treating both Fernando and Lewis with complete equality and fairness will continue for the final race in Brazil," the statement said. "This policy has been conducted throughout the year and McLaren and Mercedes-Benz will continue to take every step that is within their control to ensure that both Fernando and Lewis will enjoy the same opportunity to win in terms of equality of car, engine, tactics and use of resources."