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SEPTEMBER 29, 2007

Ralf under fire

Ralf Schumacher is having a miserable time at the moment. Things are not going well with Toyota. There does not seem to much interest for his future - even in DTM - and now Ralf has People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after him for hunting deer in Serbia. Ralf was sent a letter by the world's largest animal rights group telling him that he should have more respect for animals.

"We hope that, in the future, you will follow the fine example of your brother, Michael," the organisation wrote, "not only with regard to winning races but also with regard to being kind to animals."

The organisation added that "we ask that if you do badly in this upcoming race, as you did in Italy, you use a punching bag or another inanimate object to take out any frustration you may feel and be decent enough to leave animals out of it."