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SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

Schumacher joins Bacardi

Bacardi has announced that Michael Schumacher is to become Bacardi™s Global Social Responsibility Ambassador, starting in January 2008, Michael Schumacher will work with Bacardi and its portfolio of brands to communicate a global œDon™t drink and drive message.

œMichael is the most famous and successful driver in the world and we could not ask for a better ambassador," said Andreas Gembler, president and chief executive of Bacardi. "We are confident that he will be able to communicate the œdon™t drink drive message to a huge global audience. We look forward to sharing our plans publicly next year."

Bacardi has been a Ferrari sponsor since the start of 2006 with its Martini & Rossi brand and may have come up with the idea having seen the success of Johnnie Walker's similar programmes with Mika Hakkinen.