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AUGUST 15, 2007

The Spyker revolution begins

For some time it has been clear that the Spyker company needed to be fundamentally changed. The F1 team has been supporting the car company in recent months, which makes no sense at all. The Mol Family, which controls the business, is now making steps to separate the two companies, as we predicted would happen last week. The first step in this process is the resignation of Michiel Mol from the role of chief executive of Spyker Cars. He will be replaced by Hans Hugenholtz. This does not change the situation of the F1 team where Mol remains in charge. It is anticipated that the next move will be for the two companies to be separated. This may not happen until Spyker Cars de-lists from the Amsterdam stock exchange but that is yet to be seen. In terms of the effect on the day-to-day running of the team, it is unlikely that this move will make any difference at all.