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AUGUST 3, 2007

Ferrari responds to Dennis

Ferrari has responded to Ron Dennis's letter to Gino Macaluso, saying that the team wishes "to state very strongly that its letter contains accusations that are both serious and false. Contrary to the statement put forward by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari never illegally gained any advantage. The two F2007 cars used in the Australian Grand Prix were deemed by the stewards to be in conformity with the technical regulations, before, during and at the end of the event. If there had been any illegalities, they would have been disqualified. In fact, what the FIA did next is commonplace. The FIA took the opportunity to issue a clarification on the interpretation of the regulation and then asked the teams concerned to make the necessary modifications. There are actually numerous examples of this in both the recent and distant past which have also involved other teams."

This was the only part of the letter to which Ferrari responded.