Stepney names Brawn as part of breakaway team

Former Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney has once again protested his innocence, denying that he sent Ferrari information to McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan. Stepney spoke out after being named as the man responsible by Ferrari team boss Jean Todt.

"I did not take any designs from Ferrari," Stepney told La Repubblica. "Someone passed on the designs but it wasn't me. I do not want to involve other colleagues. I know one part of the story, not all. Someone set me up and that person is still within Ferrari."

Stepney also denies having been involved in an attempt to sabotage a Ferrari F1 on May 21. There have been reports that traces of the powder found in the car were also found in a pair of trousers belonging to Stepney.

"I didn't put it there," Stepney told the newspaper. "They put the powder in my pants pocket while I was taking a shower."

Stepney also claimed that a number of other disgruntled employees were going to form a breakway team and that it would have been led by Ross Brawn.

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