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European GP 2007

European GP 2007 

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Lewis Hamilton has no broken bones and no pain but will be staying in the Medical Centre at the Nurburgring under observation for a couple of hours to make sure that the G-forces involved in his accident did not cause him any serious damage.

It is yet to be decided whether he will race tomorrow. If he does (and he will be certainly want to race) he will have to start from 10th on grid.

There is no question that Hamilton was shaken up by the crash - and he may have been winded - as he was slow to get out of the McLaren and then lay down beside the car as the doctors began to arrive at the scene.

The angle of impact was as bad as it gets and the worrying aspect of the crash was that the car stopped where it hit and so the energy of the impact was not dissipated at all. One could see that from the fact that the rear of the car lifted off the ground at the moment off impact. Fortunately the sand trap had scrubbed off a good amount of speed before the impact, which minimised the danger.

We will have further information as soon as it is available.

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