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JULY 16, 2007

A quiet weekend

It was a quiet weekend in the Formula 1 world with not much happening beyond more leaks in Italy regarding what was in Mike Coughlan's affadavit. It seems that this has been leaked to members of the Italian media by Ferrari- ostensibly the only people in Italy who have the document - although it may only be the parts that Ferrari wants the media to know.

There is, for example, no apparent doubt that Coughlan informed several of his colleagues at McLaren about the documents arriving (and was advised to destroy them by all concerned) but there is no definite word on whether or not Coughlan said they had come from Nigel Stepney.

Manipulating the press is all the rage at the moment in F1 circles but it might be wistest for all concerned if they either stopped leaking details and got on with the legal processes or made the affadavit available to the public. That way they will all avoid the suspicion that they are trying to use the information to create as much damage as possible to the opposition.

It is probably worth noting that Stepney is also on the offensive, suggesting that he may soon take legal action against Ferrari if he can prove that the company employed people to follow him and to put tracking devices on his car.