Zander is Honda's new top man

Jorg Zander, currently the chief designer at BMW Sauber is to move to Honda Racing F1 to be the new deputy technical director, under Japan's Shuhei Nakamoto. Zander was previously employed at Honda but moved on to Williams and latterly moved to BMW Sauber.

The 43-year-old German joined Toyota in 1990 and in various different formulae intil he was recruited by Toyota for the F1 project. He stayed with the team until 2003 when he moved to BAR but then two years later moved on to Williams to replace Gavin Fisher. He worked alongside Loic Bigois, who will be the head of aerodynamics at Honda. He was lured to BMW Sauber in March 2006 but has now decided that he wants to be back in Britain.

BMW Sauber has also lost another team member with Williams having swooped in to hire aerodynamicist Martin Bester.

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