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JULY 10, 2007

High Court is F1's Centre Court

The Formula 1 press corps descended on the High Court in London to day to hear the opening day's activity in the case of Ferrari SpA versus Coughlan & Another. This turned out to be Mrs Coughlan. Ferrari's QC Nigel Tozzi, who specialises in contractual litigation, commercial fraud and misuse of confidential information.

Tozzi said that Coughlan's wife, Trudy, was also involved.

Ferrari had earlier won a court order to search the Coughlans' home where the documents were found. Tozzi said that the Coughlans had behaved "disgracefully" by "taking these documents, knowing they were not entitled to them, keeping them and copying them".

He also revealed that Ferrari would not have known but for a tip-off, which is rumoured to have come from a printing shop.

The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow so that Coughlan can provide sworn affidavits on how he came to be in possession of the Ferrari documents.