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JULY 10, 2007

Meanwhile in the High Court

Today in Court 59 at the High Court in London the case of Ferrari Spa versus Coughlan and Another will be heard by Mr Justice Briggs. It is anticipated that Ferrari's lawyers will give more details of their plans regarding legal actions but will probably also include a request to extend an injunction against McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan which forbids Coughlan and others from giving data to a third party. It is alleged that Coughlan had detailed Ferrari design documents is his house when a search was carried out last week. This case may eventually also involve Ferrari's Nigel Stepney who the Italian team claims gave the information to Coughlan.

There is a second legal cation going on in Italy, despite the fact that Stepney has denied giving anything to Coughlan.

There are thus civil, criminal and sporting investigations going on at the moment.