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JUNE 18, 2007

Troubles in Italy

A new storm is due to break this week in Italy where we hear a new espionage scandal is about to break with a former Ferrari team member being accused of having sold designs to rival teams. No more details are currently available but there is expected to be some kind of public statement from Ferrari soon.

Elsewhere at Maranello there are a number of aerodynamics engineers moving to rival teams. Ferrari says these are all junior employees and that poaching of staff is normal in F1 but we believe that at least on those involved is fairly senior.

We have been hearing reports for some time about stresses and strains within the team and the defections seem to be a result of this. We are told that since the team was reorganised there has been some confusion as to who is doing what and some of the international employees are not feeling as comfortable with that team as they were when Ross Brawn was running things.

Brawn may return but he says it will not be in his previous position. It could be a much more consultative role or it could be as the head of the Gestione Sportiva. This job is currently being done, on a temporary basis, by Jean Todt.