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MAY 30, 2007

Michael Andretti calls it a day

Michael Andretti has said that he has finally had enough of racing and will not be contesting the Indianapolis 500 again. Michael finished 13th in the race last weekend. Andretti said that trying to race and run the business was simply too much for him to handle.

"Right now I have no thought of coming back," Andretti said on Monday. "I would be very surprised if my feelings changed. I™m glad I did it - it was all good - but I was going crazy this month."

Andretti had been hoping to finally be able to win the 500 after a frustrating career at Indianapolis. His father Mario won the event back in 1969 but Michael was never able to win, despite leading a number of races. It seems, however, that the responsibility of putting the Andretti name back on the trophy will now go to Marco, Michael's son, who raced on Sunday but ended his race with a dramatic crash.