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MAY 15, 2007

Rossiter joins Super Aguri

Honda has switched James Rossiter to the Super Aguri F1 team from his current position as official test driver with Honda Racing F1. This might suggest that there has been a settlement between Super Aguri and Giedo Van der Garde, who is under contract to be the team's "reserve and test driver" but wants to join Spyker F1, but the reality is that the team needs someone to do the testing work and cannot call on van der Garde's services because of the ongoing dispute. At the same time Honda F1 has Christian Klien doing all the available test work in his role as Honda's "reserve and test driver" and so cannot offer Rossiter much.

Suzuki could have called upon its "second test driver" Sakon Yamamoto, but it seems that this position may have been largely honorific.

Van der Garde thus remains stuck between two teams until a settlement can be found.