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MAY 7, 2007

NASCAR to get F1 windtunnel technology

NASCAR has been getting an increasing amount of engine technology from F1 in recent years, with a number of firms with F1 experience working closely with teams to develop the old stock block V8 engines that are still being used in the series.

Now it seems the series is about to get F1 style aerodynamics as well. Windshear Inc, a company owned by Haas Automation owner Gene Haas, has started work on the construction of a $40m, 185mph full-scale windtunnel which is being designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will be located next to the Concord Regional Airport in North Carolina, and will be rented out to teams when it is completed at the start of 2008 - and interest in the tunnel has also been expressed by Formula 1 and Indycar teams. It uses a stainless steel belted rolling road which is developed by MTS Systems, the Minnesota-based company that supplies rolling roads for most of the Formula 1 teams, and will have a larger test section than any currently in use in F1. The project was spearheaded by ex-Formula 1 and Indycar designer Ken Anderson.