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MAY 5, 2007

Hilton booked

Paris Hilton may still be able to turn up at Monaco to represent potential Spyker sponsor Rich Prosecco but she will then have to go home to the United States to go to jail for 45 days. Hilton was sentenced for violating her probation for a previous traffic offence by driving without a valid licence. Judge Michael Sauer rejected Hilton's defence that she did not realise her licence was suspended and ordered her to report to jail on June 5. She was placed on three-year probation earlier this year after being found guilty of alcohol-related reckless driving after being arrested in September 2006. Hilton's attorney said that she wouldf appeal the decision.

Whether or not it is wise to turn up at the world's highest profile motor race to promote an alcoholic beverage is a question which may be asked in the days ahead but, if anything, it will probably add to thed publicity.